Choosing a moving company in Durban, South Africa

Looking at moving companies is a stressful and sometimes time consumer task, they are the group of individuals whom you are hiring to take care of your most beloved and expensive possessions. When looking at moving companies in Durban, South Africa one must first look at the reputation of the company. Reputations of moving companies are normally deserved as long standing good quality movers stay in business.

The next thing to look for is if the moving is if they are a member of the Professional Movers Association of South Africa. Companies that are members of this organisation guarantee insurance and safety for your belongings, full trained staff and a national executive to settle complaints by consumers. Companies that are accredited have to stick to a strict protocol and standards to continue to be allowed in the association.

Choosing a moving company in Durban can be stress free and as easy as a quick search on companies in the area. Look for a company that has a great reputation in the community, a member of the Professional Movers Association and a member of the South Africa International Movers Association.  Look for a moving company that fits your needs and offers a comprehensive moving service. is a JHB moving company that offers house/office and furniture removal services all over South Africa and in Durban. Their range of services include:

Their range of services include:

– Reliable and efficient furniture removal

– Home and office removals

– Professional packing service

– Storage facility

– Transit Insurance