How to Maximise Space When You Pack

Packing is a necessary task when you are moving to a new place.  Unlike packing for travel where you only have your suitcase to worry about, moving to a new home requires you to pack all the items in your home in boxes.  This is a task that can affect the cost and convenience of moving.  You want to know the secret to hassle-free moving? How to Maximise Space When You Pack is your first lesson.

Putting Your Stuff in Boxes

Knowing How to Maximise Space When You Pack will make your move that much more of a breeze. You cannot use just any type of boxes for packing your stuff especially if you have heavy items or breakables.  You can get boxes from your moving company.  These boxes are specially made for moving so you can be assured that they are durable enough to hold your home items and withstand various moving conditions.

You do not want to have a lot of boxes as you might have trouble fitting them into the moving truck.  You can maximize space when you pack as much as you can in the boxes.  Proper stacking and layering is one of the secrets of getting more items to fit in a box.  When packing pots and pans, for example, you can nestle the smaller ones into the bigger ones.  Make sure that the pot lids are packed in the same box.

Loading the Moving Truck

Moving companies charge you according to the size of the trailer truck or the amount of space that you use.  You have to maximise space when you load your boxes and furniture into the moving truck so you can fit everything in a smaller space.  Check stacking limits to find out how high you can stack your boxes.  The proper way of loading is to put the heavier items at the bottom.

It is also advisable to evenly distribute boxes or pieces of furniture in the trailer truck.  Loading the truck from floor to ceiling and securing all items is important not only to maximise space but also to ensure that everything stays in place while the truck is on the road.  Moving companies have professionals who can help you load up properly.

There is no need to worry about the additional expense of hiring a second truck when you can make do with one moving truck just by maximizing space when you pack.

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Quick Fixes for When You Move In

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Moving to a new home is such an exciting event.  However, it takes a lot of work that can drain you of energy and prevent you from enjoying your new home immediately.  You want to be able to move in a convenient manner with the least amount of hassles.  Once your furniture and personal items have been moved to your new home, there’s a lot more for you to take care of.  Some Quick Fixes for When You Move In will help you get settled in the fastest time possible.

  1. The first thing to do is to check if everything is complete.  This work is made easier when you do your packing in an organized manner.  Make sure that you pack everything properly in boxes that are labeled according to which part of the house the items should be placed.  For instance, pack your living room display items and knick-knacks together in one box.  Perhaps you can use your sofa throw pillows to cushion any fragile items.


  1. Give the movers specific instructions on where to place the boxes in your new home.  Your box of display items would have to be placed by the display cabinet or console in your new living room.  This way, you do not have to open several boxes and shuffle to and fro while unpacking your stuff.


  1. Do not be pressured in unpacking everything in one go.  It would help if you label your boxes in terms of priority as well.  Unpack those boxes that contain your necessities first.  Your major appliances should be among these necessities.  Take note of what your family’s regular activities are so that you can unpack whatever items you need to enjoy them in your new home right away.

With these Quick Fixes for When You Move In, you can start feeling at home and comfortable in your new house.


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Moving Furniture: ‘Help, My Furniture Won’t Fit Through The Door!

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At last, the day has come. You’re already standing on your new doorstep. You’re ready to settle down, and breathe in the new air of the place that you’re about to call home. And then suddenly, you discover that the furniture wouldn’t fit through the door. Isn’t that just a bummer?

As disappointing as it may seem, this scenario is actually a very common moving problem. Houses are different, keep that in mind. Your lovely pieces of furniture may be able to fit through the door of your old home, but that doesn’t  automatically mean that it would also fit through the door of your new one. But don’t lose hope just yet, for there are still a couple of remedies that you could do to get those beautifully crafted pieces of furniture inside your new home.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So here is how to prevent furniture disaster:

Before Moving Furniture, take time to get the dimensions of your new house. Know the measurements of the door, the passageways, the stairs, and every part you feel is essential. Once you have the complete list of measurements, compare these to your old furniture. You might have to dispose of some tables and sofas that are too big for your new house, but hey, that’s very normal in moving.

Another remedy is to try making the furniture fit by using different angles, but remember to be very careful! You wouldn’t want to scratch anything in that new house. If it fits, it fits. If it really doesn’t, don’t push it!

For the last remedy, try disassembling the pieces first, but only if it is possible. If the legs of your table could be removed, then do it. There is nothing to worry about since you could always put the pieces back together, anyway.

No matter which remedy you follow, always remember to do whichever feels right. But then again, you have to put utmost care in it. Or else, you might only end up with wrecked door frames, damaged furniture and scratched floors. 

In the case that during your move your furniture won’t fit through the door HERE is what to do

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Moving Furniture

A Short guide to Moving With Pets

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Feeling all stressed and bummed out about moving to another home? Your pets could be feeling the same way, too! 

Some Families like referring to their pets as members of the family. Families cherish them for they bring joy, comfort, and sometimes even protection. So when its time to pack your bags and move, it only natural to take your precious pets with you as well. It may sound easy, but there is so much more to moving with pets than just simply bringing them along with you.

Just like humans, pets have already been accustomed to the environment which served as their shelter for a period of time. If you move them to another place too rapidly, chances are, they might get a bit insecure and sensitive about their new home. As a result, they could exhibit certain negative habits and behaviour.

While moving with pets could indeed be a serious issue for pet owners, there are of course a few ways to minimize, if not to totally avoid all the hassle and stress that might come your way.

Here are a few points to consider when moving with pets:

  • Take your pets to visit the new home before you settle permanently so they are familiar with the place.
  • Ensure that the new place youre going to is a pet-friendly environment
  • Find out about the veterinary clinics in the area for your peace of mind
  • Lastly, make sure that the travel would be as comfortable as possible for your pet. Make sure that the vehicle is properly ventilated, and food and water are available to your pet for the duration of the travel.

If you are to travel by plane, then make sure that the same arrangements are made even before you board.

Once youve reached your new home, help your pet adjust and feel comfortable with the new environment by paying close attention and letting the pets explore. This may take a while though, but everything can be managed one step at a time.  

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Moving with pets