How to Move Ready to Assemble Furniture

furniture removal

There are two methods in moving ready to assemble furniture. It depends on the size of furniture if you are going to need the help of movers or you can do it on your own. It also depends on where you are moving; nearby or far away. The first method applies only if you are going to move just across town or anywhere near, you can try and assemble the furniture in the old place and load it in the truck. It saves time and you can just place the furniture anywhere you want in the new place. You might need people to help you lift here or you can just sit back, relax and watch the movers do their job.

The second method of moving ready to assemble furniture is to have your moving company disassemble it for you. Some ready to assemble furniture items are quite big and they will take up too much space in the truck or van when it is assembled. They would be glad to do it for you but some moving company might require extra charge for the additional service.

If you have friends or family members who are willing to help then have them help you in disassembling the furniture. This can help you in saving money and not paying extra to the movers. Moving can be quite expensive and the least you need is another buck out of your pocket. Make sure to keep all parts to avoid losing them and mixing them with other parts of other furniture.

These furniture pieces are considered the easiest to move. You can disassemble them meaning the take up less space and are less likely to get damaged during the move. The most important thing to remember is to keep up nuts and bolts in a container so not to loose them.

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