How to handle the stress of relocation

stress of moving house

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a divorce, moving to a smaller/larger house, moving to another city for work, or any other situation that might force you to move, the process can be very stressful. It can be overwhelming if you don’t take full control of the process by preparing yourself mentally. The following are some steps you can take to make relocation a bit easier on you.

1. Be organized. If you are the kind of person who has everything strewn all over the house, you should plan everything carefully when moving home. When you plan the move, you will prevent the frustration that unplanned for circumstances might cause.

2. Keep a notebook handy at all times to make lists, write down phone numbers, addresses, appointments, and anything you need to recall in a hurry. Of course a smartphone could do the job just as well. You should also keep a book that has a receipt pocket.

3. Relocation is one activity for which you need boxes – lots and lots of them. When you are packing your things, you should label each box according to the room it should go in your new house to minimize confusion.

4. Delegate tasks to your friends and family members who are helping you move. If you don’t have enough manpower, consider hiring outside help.

5. Prioritize. You should do things systematically during relocation. Start with the most important things working your way down.

6. Bid farewell to people before you leave. This is an important step because it helps you to prepare your mind for the relocation.

relocation stress

How to Handle the Psychological Effects of Moving House

The process of moving home or office can have large psychological effects on your employees, your family and you. Human’s naturally avoid change and adjusting to as large a change as relocation is really quite a big deal. Along with the physical process of moving comes dealing with new people, friend, a new job and new schools all of which can result in a range of emotions. So here are a few pieces of advice that might lessen the stress of moving home or office

1. Accept that you are moving. Tackle it head on
2. Visit your new home or office a few times: Take your family or coworkers with – allow them to adjust to the new area and space gradually instead of suddenly springing the relocation on them. An idea could be to gradually move stuff into your new house or office together over an extended period of time
3. Maintain your routines: Keep your lifestyle and routines roughly the same in your new home or office space.
4. Say goodbye to the space: Organise a farewell party or closing party. This might give you closure when moving away from a space
5. make the most of your new home or space. After moving home or office explore the area, attend events and activities in the area and focus on enjoying your new space.
6. Accept that at times your may feel uncomfortable and uprooted: be honest with yourself, allow yourself to feel uneasy, stressed or upset by maintain a positive attitude

moving house stress and pshycological effect

Life is constantly evolving and the change associated with relocation is something that needs to be accepted. If you can embrace the move and view it as an opportunity for new experiences, you will tend to reap the benefits more than those who resist it.