Moving Furniture: ‘Help, My Furniture Won’t Fit Through The Door!

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At last, the day has come. You’re already standing on your new doorstep. You’re ready to settle down, and breathe in the new air of the place that you’re about to call home. And then suddenly, you discover that the furniture wouldn’t fit through the door. Isn’t that just a bummer?

As disappointing as it may seem, this scenario is actually a very common moving problem. Houses are different, keep that in mind. Your lovely pieces of furniture may be able to fit through the door of your old home, but that doesn’t  automatically mean that it would also fit through the door of your new one. But don’t lose hope just yet, for there are still a couple of remedies that you could do to get those beautifully crafted pieces of furniture inside your new home.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So here is how to prevent furniture disaster:

Before Moving Furniture, take time to get the dimensions of your new house. Know the measurements of the door, the passageways, the stairs, and every part you feel is essential. Once you have the complete list of measurements, compare these to your old furniture. You might have to dispose of some tables and sofas that are too big for your new house, but hey, that’s very normal in moving.

Another remedy is to try making the furniture fit by using different angles, but remember to be very careful! You wouldn’t want to scratch anything in that new house. If it fits, it fits. If it really doesn’t, don’t push it!

For the last remedy, try disassembling the pieces first, but only if it is possible. If the legs of your table could be removed, then do it. There is nothing to worry about since you could always put the pieces back together, anyway.

No matter which remedy you follow, always remember to do whichever feels right. But then again, you have to put utmost care in it. Or else, you might only end up with wrecked door frames, damaged furniture and scratched floors. 

In the case that during your move your furniture won’t fit through the door HERE is what to do

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Furniture removal in South Africa

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You are looking at your home, and all you see is a big heap of furniture in your way. When you are looking at the possibilities with all of the different companies in the country there are a few things you should look for. First off if the company is accredited  with the Professional Movers Association of South Africa (PMO).

These companies that adhere to their strict guidelines not only guarantee the safety of your belongings in transit and in storage, but also cover it with a comprehensive insurance plan. As well, the association guarantees the upmost trained employees. Not only is the Professional Movers Association a great association it also has now added the Accredited Movers Association of South Africa (AMOSA) which can guarantee the best trained movers for your furniture removal.   The advantage of AMOSA is its guidelines are transparent and easy to understand.

Look for a moving company that has a transit insurance option which means your expensive furniture or appliances will be covered if they are damaged during the move. Also make sure that you cover all furniture in bubble wrap, old blankets and duct tape to avoid damage during the move. make sure all furniture is tightly secured in the moving truck.

Thus, the association plainly looks over all aspects of your move with a multitude of parameters to cover you the client.  Movers that are members of AMOSA are required to pass a national certification test to make sure that the client gets only the top certified trainers rather than a few guys from the local bar. These companies are taking care of your worldly possessions and the upmost care is needed for the said possessions by the company you hire. Furniture removal in South Africa can be simple, look for accredited movers that are members of PMO, and movers that are AMOSA certified, and you will have a headache free.move!

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How to Move a Collection of Funiture

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Moving your furniture from your old home to the new one can be very laborious. You should make sure that you will not inflict any damages on your possessions. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how to move a collection of furniture safely.

Before you move your collection of furniture to your new home, you should have a perfect floor plan first. Through this, you will be able to know the areas where your furniture should be placed respectively. Also, you will be able to study how you can place them carefully before the process of moving itself. Be sure to measure each item in your furniture collection and make sure it fits into the allocated space.

It is also ideal to study the entrances of your new home. This mostly deals with the doors inside and outside of the house and the fences. However, in some cases, big windows are also used to fit the furniture inside. Study the big entry ways which can accommodate big items as these are the most difficult to handle. On the other hand, fragile items should be handled carefully to avoid breakage, and small ones should not be misplaced.

Another thing that you should consider in how to move a collection of furniture is the position of placement itself. You have to make sure that it will compliment the space of the room where it is placed. You should prevent overcrowding of items in one room. Ideally, a room should appear spacious in spite of the furniture lodged in it.

Large furniture collections need to be suitably wrapped and packaged either with blankets, bubble wrap or taping before the move. if you have wooden floors put socks on the bottom of the furniture legs and ask your moving company to be careful throughout the process.

There is an endless list of techniques on how to move a collection of furniture, but they all boil down to two ideas: caution and convenience.

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10 helpful tips for moving antique furniture

10 helpful tips for moving antique furniture - moving company

Antique furniture can be very expensive to acquire or might hold a special place in your heart. Moving normal pieces of furniture can be difficult but with antique furniture this process to amplified. Repairing antiques is expensive or it might even be impossible. The best way to go about moving antiques is to prevent them from getting damaged in the first place. The following are some tips to help you move antique furniture and can be applied to moving furniture or appliances in general.

1. When moving antique furniture, secure all moving parts such as doors and drawers. Attach keys to cabinets and shelves inside the furniture to avoid losing them.

2. Sometimes moving antique furniture is tedious because of  the pieces can be heavy. If an antique piece of furniture is heavy but has drawers and other removable parts, remove them prior to moving. Some furniture can become 50% lighter when you remove drawers. If legs or other fragile elements can be removed dissemble the furniture. This will prevent your furniture company from dropping or dragging the furniture when moving it.

3. Carefully choose the delivery or moving company. Before you hire any company, you should make sure that the moving company is well-equipped and experienced to handle antiques. Be careful when looking for cost savings because any damage to antique furniture will quickly cancel any costs you might save.

4. Use blankets in the van/truck to prevent scratches. You can even wrap the items in bubble wrap or with blankets and masking tape. Make sure to mark the furniture as fragile. Tell your moving company to pack the furniture upright and not to place anything on top of them

5. Make sure the courier’s insurance covers the full value of your antiques to avoid not being covered for transport damage.

6. Before moving antique furniture, photograph it in good condition to have evidence that it was okay prior to moving.

7. Take all details of the courier. This should be done when you book the moving company. Be sure to tell them directly that you have fragile and expensive items that you are moving. Mark the wrapped furniture with ‘fragile’ and ‘do not pack anything on top of this product’

8. Always have enough people to do the heavy lifting when moving antique furniture. If need be use sliders under the furniture to avoid damaging the bottom of the furniture or if you have wooden floors. Sliders could be cardboard or old blankets.

9. Make sure that there are people in the house when the antique furniture is collected. Their help might be needed to carry the product or to explain to the moving company which furniture is fragile.

10. Be grateful for people who help you to deliver antique furniture safely and tip them for competent and hard work.

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