The Best Way to Pack a Moving Box

Packing a moving box

The best way to pack a moving box will vary depending on the items you are packing, how there are being transported and your individual needs. Here are some of the things you should consider when you are packing up your house into moving boxes. 

First, you should consider the quantity and quality of the items that it will contain. If it will be loaded with fragile items, you can consider wrapping them first with bubble wrap and old newspapers. This will prevent your items from scratching and bumping against each other. Also, it will also be less susceptible to any damages. Fragile items should not be placed on top of each other in the box but should rather be placed firmly next to each other with very little moving room. Mark the boxes with fragile stickers and do not pack the boxes on top of eachother.

It is ideal to place related items inside one box. This will prevent mishandling and misplacement of your belongings that may cause damage. You can then provide the appropriate label on your box and unpacking will be easy. You should not stuff too much things in your box as it may cause the box to collapse.

Next you need to seal the box. The most ideal thing to use is a branded packaging tape. However, if the box contains more precious items, you can also make use of stronger tapes such as electrical tape. You can also top it with a strong rope that will hold the entire body of the box.

The best way to pack a moving box is also determined by the way it will be transported. If it will be hand carried, fewer items should be stuff inside the box. On the other hand, if it will be transported through a van or a truck, the boxes should be placed properly inside the vehicle.

Applying the best way to pack a moving box will determine the safety of your belonging and minimise the stress of moving into your new home.

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Duct Tape and Packing Boxes: Items you need when you are Relocating

When you are going to move homes, packing becomes paramount. Whether you want to spend a great deal of time on this, or you try and rush through it all, you need to realise that packing takes time. You will need spend a good deal of time putting things in boxes and finding out how you’re going to get from point A to point B.  Consider the examples given below as a checklist of essentials for moving home. The idea is to help make the relocation experience as easy and efficient as possible.

12 Items You Will Need When Relocating (Moving)

Duct Tape – You’ll need heavy duty tape for boxes and other incidentals.

Packing boxes – Never underestimate the need for plenty of boxes. For an average size house start with 20 small moving boxes, 15 medium moving boxes and 10 large packing boxes as well as approximately 5 heavy duty boxes.

Packing paper – Look for paper that is all brown or find discarded newspapers to pack your items with.

Plastic wrap or bubble wrap – Wrapping up your furniture for moving is a great plan, and something that can be easily done with a roll of plastic wrap.

Box Cutter – A good box cutter will prove incredibly valuable for cutting through cardboard and more.

Mattress bag – If you’re going to be moving your matters, then it becomes imperative to have a bag for it. A mattress bag will help with keeping things clean upon moving.

Markers – Invest in permanent markers so that you can label all your boxes and ensure that nothing gets lost or left behind.

Packing peanuts – For extra peace of mind, foam peanuts could allow you to pack fragile things with more cushioning.

Transportation – You will want to have your transportation booked, especially if you’re hiring movers to  help.

Dolly – Purchase a dolly to help with moving appliances out of the way for cleaning and more.

Inflatable bags – these inflate to fill spaces and are ideal for fragile appliances or household items

Labels – either custom printed or blank will help you organise the contents of your boxes

moving house, bubble wrap and boxes

moving house, boxes


Protect your Furniture when Moving home

Moving from one location to another is complicated and stressful for most people. Businesses and even homeowners will agree to the complications that could arise when trying to do the literal heavy lifting of items. If you don’t want to deal with the headaches found with this, you’ll want to look into hiring a company to help. The process may be simple, but you’ll want to learn how to ensure your furniture doesn’t get damaged by your furniture removal company, for added peace of mind.

Start off by buying or borrowing protective material, this could include bubble wrap, blankets and duct tape. Next one should wrap your furniture in plastic sheeting. Wrapping furniture completely and thoroughly will form a shrink wrapping that will allow for easier transport. Otherwise, your items may move in the truck or could get damaged when going through doorways, down hallways, or in tight spaces. This process is not complicated, or difficult and can ensure added protection to your belongings.
Another method that you can utilise is to cover your furniture with blankets, and then tie them down. The blankets will protect the edges, and if you tie everything down in place, picking up and moving around heavy items will be easy for whomever you hire to do the physical labor.

furniture removal

Try to dust and clean furniture before it is collected and packed as loose dust could scratch the surfice of the furniture. Make sure that the furniture is tightly fastened in the moving van or truck. You do not want your furniture

When you are shopping around for a furniture removal company, make absolute sure that they are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is the only way, outside of doing the aforementioned, to guarantee that your furniture is taken care of, in case anything goes awry. If nothing else, you will gain peace of mind. Even if your moving company promises careful furniture removal, accidents still happen. A way to further protect your possessions is through transit insurance.

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