How to Move Houseplants

how to move a plant

House plants are messy and sensitive items that need extra attention during a move. They can die easily and may spill soil all over your carpets or other possessions. There are a lot of ways on how to move house plants.

Moving house plants is easy and it requires little effort especially if the plant is a large one. If you are just moving small plants, they can be put inside the truck as is or put them inside a box and leave it open. This will ensure that they have air to breathe during the transport. It is not going to take up space since the plant is a small one. For taller plants, you wrap them in a plastic and tie the top. Make sure to put moss on top of the pot first. Place it on the safe side of the truck or car to prevent the soil and moss from making a mess.

Wrapping plants in newspaper when moving during the cold days will be a big help. There are a lot of house plants that can be damaged and die when exposed to extreme cold weather. Wrapping them up in newspaper will help them keep warm. During the summer, do the opposite and water them a little bit before transporting them. Leave them air to breathe and do not place them at the far end of the truck so every time the truck load opens, they can get instant fresh air.

Some people consider moving their plants through airplane cargo. This can be very expensive. Maybe you should try and sell the plants and when you get to your destination, buy new ones to keep in the new place. This will be cheaper and less complicated than having to air travel your plants.

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