How to Maximise Space When You Pack

Packing is a necessary task when you are moving to a new place.  Unlike packing for travel where you only have your suitcase to worry about, moving to a new home requires you to pack all the items in your home in boxes.  This is a task that can affect the cost and convenience of moving.  You want to know the secret to hassle-free moving? How to Maximise Space When You Pack is your first lesson.

Putting Your Stuff in Boxes

Knowing How to Maximise Space When You Pack will make your move that much more of a breeze. You cannot use just any type of boxes for packing your stuff especially if you have heavy items or breakables.  You can get boxes from your moving company.  These boxes are specially made for moving so you can be assured that they are durable enough to hold your home items and withstand various moving conditions.

You do not want to have a lot of boxes as you might have trouble fitting them into the moving truck.  You can maximize space when you pack as much as you can in the boxes.  Proper stacking and layering is one of the secrets of getting more items to fit in a box.  When packing pots and pans, for example, you can nestle the smaller ones into the bigger ones.  Make sure that the pot lids are packed in the same box.

Loading the Moving Truck

Moving companies charge you according to the size of the trailer truck or the amount of space that you use.  You have to maximise space when you load your boxes and furniture into the moving truck so you can fit everything in a smaller space.  Check stacking limits to find out how high you can stack your boxes.  The proper way of loading is to put the heavier items at the bottom.

It is also advisable to evenly distribute boxes or pieces of furniture in the trailer truck.  Loading the truck from floor to ceiling and securing all items is important not only to maximise space but also to ensure that everything stays in place while the truck is on the road.  Moving companies have professionals who can help you load up properly.

There is no need to worry about the additional expense of hiring a second truck when you can make do with one moving truck just by maximizing space when you pack.

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