Move House Responsibly: Recycle Your Old Stuff

Moving from one place to another will you cost a lot of money and it will also produce a lot of waste. After moving to your new home, you will have a lot of wrapping materials and boxes on your hands.  Some people irresponsibly throw these items with the trash.  It would do the environment a lot of good if you move house responsibly.  Recycle your old stuff and packing paraphernalia.


A responsible move starts before you even load your boxes into the moving van.  Before moving, sort your things first. Arrange them well and don’t just simply put them inside the box. Identify the items you don’t want to bring with you. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, you can donate or sell them. You can help people by donating your old clothes to charities while organizing a garage sale can help you generate more income.  When you bring less stuff with you, you also use fewer boxes.


Packing materials like cardboard boxes should not be thrown away after moving. You can recycle these boxes for your storage needs.  You can also ask your moving company to check if they buy back these packing materials.  As much as possible, avoid using non-biodegradable packing materials made from plastic (e.g. plastic bags, bubble wraps). You may use your old clothes and blankets in wrapping your stuff too. If you can’t avoid these plastic products, bubble wraps can be used as window insulators. You can also sew them together to turn them into purses and tote bags. You can use old packing papers in making crafts while foam wraps can be used as picnic mats.


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