What it takes to be a moving company in Johannesburg, South Africa

When someone arrives in a new town, city or country, the first people they will see besides custom or bureaucratic officials are the movers. Being a moving company in Johannesburg, South Africa is more than having a large truck with movers in it, it is about the professionalism needed to carry out a successful job with no issues for the new home owners.

A proper moving company in Johannesburg will be a member of the Professional Movers Association of South Africa (PMA) which means it adheres to strict protocols and levels of service for the public. Choosing a moving company that is part of the PMA will guarantee that the staff with the company are fully trained and competent in all levels of the company. You will have the ability to know that your belongings are utilising a comprehensive insurance policy while in transit, and the use of PMA-approved warehouse and storage facilities. Also,  your furniture and possessions will be adequately covered with clean high quality packing materials during the move and the move will take place in a purpose designed removal vehicle. Last but not least, using a PMA approved company will allow you to bring up through a national executive committee any issues or complaints you have if the move takes place within the borders of South Africa.

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a big city like Johannesburg. If you are planning on looking for a moving company in Johannesburg, make sure to shop around you You should look for a company that suits your moving needs. One that moves within Johannesburg or out to another major city centre such as Durban, Cape Town or any isolated areas in South Africa.


If your Johannesburg based, moving company is not a member of the PMA, they are not to be trusted. It takes a company made up of good people who are accredited by the PMA to be a great moving company in Johannesburg, South Africa.