Moving Furniture: ‘Help, My Furniture Won’t Fit Through The Door!

At last, the day has come. You’re already standing on your new doorstep. You’re ready to settle down, and breathe in the new air of the place that you’re about to call home. And then suddenly, you discover that the furniture wouldn’t fit through the door. Isn’t that just a bummer?

As disappointing as it may seem, this scenario is actually a very common moving problem. Houses are different, keep that in mind. Your lovely pieces of furniture may be able to fit through the door of your old home, but that doesn’t  automatically mean that it would also fit through the door of your new one. But don’t lose hope just yet, for there are still a couple of remedies that you could do to get those beautifully crafted pieces of furniture inside your new home.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So here is how to prevent furniture disaster:

Before Moving Furniture, take time to get the dimensions of your new house. Know the measurements of the door, the passageways, the stairs, and every part you feel is essential. Once you have the complete list of measurements, compare these to your old furniture. You might have to dispose of some tables and sofas that are too big for your new house, but hey, that’s very normal in moving.

Another remedy is to try making the furniture fit by using different angles, but remember to be very careful! You wouldn’t want to scratch anything in that new house. If it fits, it fits. If it really doesn’t, don’t push it!

For the last remedy, try disassembling the pieces first, but only if it is possible. If the legs of your table could be removed, then do it. There is nothing to worry about since you could always put the pieces back together, anyway.

No matter which remedy you follow, always remember to do whichever feels right. But then again, you have to put utmost care in it. Or else, you might only end up with wrecked door frames, damaged furniture and scratched floors. 

In the case that during your move your furniture won’t fit through the door HERE is what to do

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