How to Protect Your Floor during a Move

When you move to another place, protecting your belongings is a must. That is mainly the reason why you go through all the hassle of buying and packing boxes, and carefully wrapping your plates and glasses with newspaper or even bubble wraps. But take note that these arent the only things that need protection. 

Lets talk about the floor of your new home, shall we? Isnt it amazing to look at? All shiny, spotless, and free from scratch. To all you movers out there, wouldnt you want to keep it in that condition for a long period of time? Wouldnt it be such a shame if the floor that you very much admire would just get scratched as you move your furniture and other belongings around? Dont you fret, because here are a few ways on how to prevent scratching you floor.

  1. First off, ensure that the floors are covered with too much dirt. Placing doormats on every door that is to be used during the hectic move could help you do this. Advise the movers, or even your family members to wipe their feet before they enter the house.
  2. Next, why not use old carpets to cover the floors first as you move furniture around? This way, the floors could be both free from dirt, and free from scratch. After the move, you could just simply remove these carpets and dispose of them if youd like.
  3. Lastly, do not underestimate the power of furniture sliders or pads. Place them under furniture and appliances that are way too heavy to be carried. This would not only facilitate easier moving, but would also render your floor scratch-free.

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avoid scratching floors