Moving to a New House: Throwing Away Stuff

One of the most problematic parts in moving in to a new house is the process of eliminating the unused stuff. However, no matter how troublesome the task is, there are still several ways that can help you answer the question about how to know what to throw away when you are moving house.

First and foremost, you should know the size of your new house and the general quantity of your possessions. You should discern if all your possessions and furniture will be able to fit inside your house. If not, you should also be able to know the estimated quantity of belongings that your house can accommodate. make sure to measure all your furniture and make sure it will fit in your new home once you have moved. Remember to look at the new storage areas in your new home and make sure you have enough packing and storage space. If you need a place to store your furniture that you won’t need in your new home put don’t want to get rid of – have a look at THIS South African moving company who provides Johannesburg based storage space

The second part involves the process of determining the use and worth of all your belongings. This includes all your furniture, appliances, kitchenware, electrical devices, and even your personal items. Doing a simple list with different labels in sorting your stuff will do. The most ideal stuff that should be thrown away are those you no longer use and those which function can also be done by other items.

Be sure to assess your actual needs. Exercise equipment that has been gathering dust in your home should go, old and damaged furniture that you have been promising to repair for years should also go. This involves having a look at how you live your life daily in your old house and how you would like to live your life in your new house. Rather get sell or recycle old furniture than pay to have it moved.

Do a full spring clean on your old house. Every cabinet should be cleared and old clothes should be given away only put back items that you need and don’t think you can function without.

After you answer the question about how to know what to throw away when you are moving house, what will you do with them? You can give these to your relatives, conduct a garage sale so that you will be able to earn cash as well, or give it to charity. All the methods will do, as long as you will not keep these things again in your new house. You can even try put it up on

Indeed, answering the question about how to know what to throw away when you are moving house is a bit tricky, but making the right decisions will be able to keep your new house free of any junk and make moving home easy.

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