Four Ways to Prevent Theft when Moving

Moving can be a stressful event because there are a lot of things that should be done and your assets need to be taken care of. Having thefts inside the home or during the moving process is the last thing you need. So how do you avoid thefts during moving? Here are four ways to avoid moving day theft.

First of all, you can ask friends or family members to help on your moving day. They can be watchers for the movers and laborers. Of course, these are the people you trust and they will not steal from you. make sure all valuables are boxed away and sealed. Also, if you have very valuable items such as jewellery, watches etc take them in a bag and keep them on your person.

Keeping an inventory of all the stuff you bring out of the house and inside the truck is also one of the four ways to avoid moving day theft. You should have a moving day list for organisational purposes so use it for both purposes. Stay beside the truck as much as possible to watch if everything on the list is getting safely inside the truck and no one puts anything inside their bags or pockets. The third way to prevent thefts is keeping your money safe.

The last of the four ways to avoid moving day theft you should do is to follow the moving truck once it dispatches to the new place. You can drive your own car behind the truck or have someone follow them for you. This will make sure that they will definitely go to the new place and not bring your stuff somewhere else. This will also help in watching the movers bring your stuff inside the new place.

Moving is an extremely stressful process, the last thing you need is theft and loss. The most important thing is to make sure you use a South African moving company with a good reputation – someone you can trust.

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How to Move Ready to Assemble Furniture

furniture removal

There are two methods in moving ready to assemble furniture. It depends on the size of furniture if you are going to need the help of movers or you can do it on your own. It also depends on where you are moving; nearby or far away. The first method applies only if you are going to move just across town or anywhere near, you can try and assemble the furniture in the old place and load it in the truck. It saves time and you can just place the furniture anywhere you want in the new place. You might need people to help you lift here or you can just sit back, relax and watch the movers do their job.

The second method of moving ready to assemble furniture is to have your moving company disassemble it for you. Some ready to assemble furniture items are quite big and they will take up too much space in the truck or van when it is assembled. They would be glad to do it for you but some moving company might require extra charge for the additional service.

If you have friends or family members who are willing to help then have them help you in disassembling the furniture. This can help you in saving money and not paying extra to the movers. Moving can be quite expensive and the least you need is another buck out of your pocket. Make sure to keep all parts to avoid losing them and mixing them with other parts of other furniture.

These furniture pieces are considered the easiest to move. You can disassemble them meaning the take up less space and are less likely to get damaged during the move. The most important thing to remember is to keep up nuts and bolts in a container so not to loose them.

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How to Move a Pool Table

Moving large furniture when moving house is difficult – but pool tables are a particularly difficult object to deal with. Moving a pool table can be a tough job because it is huge, heavy and it has a lot screws and bolts involved. Make sure to have someone help you in disassembling the pool table and lifting the parts into the truck. You should also have someone help you in assembling it again at the new place.

So, how to move a pool table? First of all, remove the pockets of the pool table. Make sure to protect your hands and eyes during this process. You are going to be snooping out staples which can shoot your eyes. Keep every part you remove in a container and name it with “pockets” to avoid losing them and getting confused with the other parts. Next to remove are the rails. You can remove this part by unscrewing the bolts with a wrench. You might need someone to help you here because this is quite heavy.

Next step is to remove the felt or the green cover. If you plan on using it again, fold in nicely to prevent wrinkles. If staples hold the felt then ease it out, again take care of your eyes. If it is glued, then carefully remove it without tearing the felt. The next thing to take out is the slate. You can remove the screws of the slate using a power drill. After removing the slate, you can now detach the legs of the pool table and carefully put it inside the truck. Be careful not to scratch the parts especially the legs of the pool table. To assemble the pool table, just do this method in reverse.

If you are uncomfortable disassembling the item move the pool table whole using trollies on wheels and a large moving truck.

For large, expensive furniture items such as pool tables consult a moving company you can trust.

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Moving During Winter


It is a common knowledge that moving during the cold days is a lot more inexpensive than moving during the other seasons. It is also easier to rent moving trucks and get people to help you. If you are thinking about moving during the cold season, there are a few best practices for moving during the winter in South Africa.  First of all, it can be a bit complicated moving during the winter because of any dew or frozen roads. In winter these hazards are everywhere making moving home or office a lot more complex. In this article, you will be able to read two of the best practices for moving during the winter that you can do in order to make moving during winter easier and eliminate accidents and hindrances.

Make sure you and your family are wrapped up warm for the move. Make sure you have a heater and all your living essentials in place in your new home. The last thing you need is to spend a cold miserable night in your new house. Although South Africa doesn’t have snow our roads can get frozen and hazardous during winter. Make sure paths to and from your new and old house are clear and dry for moving into the and out of the space. This will help you in putting stuff in the truck at the last minute. The big furniture usually come last and it will be hard to put them out if there are any difficulties.

Unlike foreign countries, moving in winter is not as dramatic. You can however get cheaper rates if you look around as not a lot of people choose to move house or office during this time.

Moving home during winter

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Furniture removal in South Africa

furniture removal south africa

You are looking at your home, and all you see is a big heap of furniture in your way. When you are looking at the possibilities with all of the different companies in the country there are a few things you should look for. First off if the company is accredited  with the Professional Movers Association of South Africa (PMO).

These companies that adhere to their strict guidelines not only guarantee the safety of your belongings in transit and in storage, but also cover it with a comprehensive insurance plan. As well, the association guarantees the upmost trained employees. Not only is the Professional Movers Association a great association it also has now added the Accredited Movers Association of South Africa (AMOSA) which can guarantee the best trained movers for your furniture removal.   The advantage of AMOSA is its guidelines are transparent and easy to understand.

Look for a moving company that has a transit insurance option which means your expensive furniture or appliances will be covered if they are damaged during the move. Also make sure that you cover all furniture in bubble wrap, old blankets and duct tape to avoid damage during the move. make sure all furniture is tightly secured in the moving truck.

Thus, the association plainly looks over all aspects of your move with a multitude of parameters to cover you the client.  Movers that are members of AMOSA are required to pass a national certification test to make sure that the client gets only the top certified trainers rather than a few guys from the local bar. These companies are taking care of your worldly possessions and the upmost care is needed for the said possessions by the company you hire. Furniture removal in South Africa can be simple, look for accredited movers that are members of PMO, and movers that are AMOSA certified, and you will have a headache free.move!

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Find a Moving Company in Johannesburg

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When someone arrives in a new town, city or country, the first people they will see besides custom or bureaucratic officials are the movers. Being a moving company in Johannesburg, South Africa is more than having a large truck with movers in it, it is about the professionalism needed to carry out a successful job with no issues for the new home owners.

A proper moving company in Johannesburg will be a member of the Professional Movers Association of South Africa (PMA) which means it adheres to strict protocols and levels of service for the public. Choosing a moving company that is part of the PMA will guarantee that the staff with the company are fully trained and competent in all levels of the company. You will have the ability to know that your belongings are utilising a comprehensive insurance policy while in transit, and the use of PMA-approved warehouse and storage facilities. Also,  your furniture and possessions will be adequately covered with clean high quality packing materials during the move and the move will take place in a purpose designed removal vehicle. Last but not least, using a PMA approved company will allow you to bring up through a national executive committee any issues or complaints you have if the move takes place within the borders of South Africa.

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a big city like Johannesburg. If you are planning on looking for a moving company in Johannesburg, make sure to shop around you and go for a reputable company that offers a full service product. You should look for a company that suits your moving needs. One that moves within Johannesburg or out to another major city centre such as Durban, Cape Town or any isolated areas in South Africa.

Moving Company Johannesburg

If your Johannesburg based, moving company is not a member of the PMA, they are not to be trusted. It takes a company made up of good people who are accredited by the PMA to be a great moving company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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The Best Way to Pack a Moving Box

Packing a moving box

The best way to pack a moving box will vary depending on the items you are packing, how there are being transported and your individual needs. Here are some of the things you should consider when you are packing up your house into moving boxes. 

First, you should consider the quantity and quality of the items that it will contain. If it will be loaded with fragile items, you can consider wrapping them first with bubble wrap and old newspapers. This will prevent your items from scratching and bumping against each other. Also, it will also be less susceptible to any damages. Fragile items should not be placed on top of each other in the box but should rather be placed firmly next to each other with very little moving room. Mark the boxes with fragile stickers and do not pack the boxes on top of eachother.

It is ideal to place related items inside one box. This will prevent mishandling and misplacement of your belongings that may cause damage. You can then provide the appropriate label on your box and unpacking will be easy. You should not stuff too much things in your box as it may cause the box to collapse.

Next you need to seal the box. The most ideal thing to use is a branded packaging tape. However, if the box contains more precious items, you can also make use of stronger tapes such as electrical tape. You can also top it with a strong rope that will hold the entire body of the box.

The best way to pack a moving box is also determined by the way it will be transported. If it will be hand carried, fewer items should be stuff inside the box. On the other hand, if it will be transported through a van or a truck, the boxes should be placed properly inside the vehicle.

Applying the best way to pack a moving box will determine the safety of your belonging and minimise the stress of moving into your new home.

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Moving to a New House: Throwing Away Stuff

One of the most problematic parts in moving in to a new house is the process of eliminating the unused stuff. However, no matter how troublesome the task is, there are still several ways that can help you answer the question about how to know what to throw away when you are moving house.

First and foremost, you should know the size of your new house and the general quantity of your possessions. You should discern if all your possessions and furniture will be able to fit inside your house. If not, you should also be able to know the estimated quantity of belongings that your house can accommodate. make sure to measure all your furniture and make sure it will fit in your new home once you have moved. Remember to look at the new storage areas in your new home and make sure you have enough packing and storage space. If you need a place to store your furniture that you won’t need in your new home put don’t want to get rid of – have a look at THIS South African moving company who provides Johannesburg based storage space

The second part involves the process of determining the use and worth of all your belongings. This includes all your furniture, appliances, kitchenware, electrical devices, and even your personal items. Doing a simple list with different labels in sorting your stuff will do. The most ideal stuff that should be thrown away are those you no longer use and those which function can also be done by other items.

Be sure to assess your actual needs. Exercise equipment that has been gathering dust in your home should go, old and damaged furniture that you have been promising to repair for years should also go. This involves having a look at how you live your life daily in your old house and how you would like to live your life in your new house. Rather get sell or recycle old furniture than pay to have it moved.

Do a full spring clean on your old house. Every cabinet should be cleared and old clothes should be given away only put back items that you need and don’t think you can function without.

After you answer the question about how to know what to throw away when you are moving house, what will you do with them? You can give these to your relatives, conduct a garage sale so that you will be able to earn cash as well, or give it to charity. All the methods will do, as long as you will not keep these things again in your new house. You can even try put it up on

Indeed, answering the question about how to know what to throw away when you are moving house is a bit tricky, but making the right decisions will be able to keep your new house free of any junk and make moving home easy.

yard sale

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Support Your Spouse after Moving Houses

moving home with your spouse

You may have been forced to relocate our family for a new job or maybe you needed to downsize or move to a new school. Whatever the situation, moving house can be a very stressful life change for your family and for your spouse. You need to be able to sustain the harmonious relationships within your family in spite of the new environment around you.

Now that your family has unpacked the boxes and unpacked the house – the process of moving house is over, right? Wrong! Then next important thing to realise is that your spouse may feel uprooted and uncomfortable. Familiarising yourself with the new place is the next thing to do. You should help your spouse adjust to the new environment of your new house. This can include helping them reach out to your new neighbours and studying the general geographics of your town. Look for areas that have things they might enjoy, like a new gym or art galleries. Spend time exploring your new area with your family and spouse so that you can start to feel at home.

Another thing that you can do that deals with the question on how to support your spouse after moving houses concerns your family’s household expenses. Make sure that all expenses and changes in lifestyle are recorded and discussed between you as a couple. Moving home can have a financial strain on a relationship and controlling expenses can minimise the potential for conflict.

The best advice anyone can give a family moving house is to communicate throughout the process. Discuss the move with your family and spouse beforehand so that they understand the reason for the move. Make sure you allow them time to tell you how they are feeling and that you actually listen to their grievances.

Helping your spouse settle in to a new home might also invlove letting them have a room in the house for themselves as an office or a tea room or involving them in decorating the new home, so that they feel in control.

With the right amount of understanding and trust, you can easily adjust to your new life in your new home.

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How to Move a Collection of Funiture

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Moving your furniture from your old home to the new one can be very laborious. You should make sure that you will not inflict any damages on your possessions. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how to move a collection of furniture safely.

Before you move your collection of furniture to your new home, you should have a perfect floor plan first. Through this, you will be able to know the areas where your furniture should be placed respectively. Also, you will be able to study how you can place them carefully before the process of moving itself. Be sure to measure each item in your furniture collection and make sure it fits into the allocated space.

It is also ideal to study the entrances of your new home. This mostly deals with the doors inside and outside of the house and the fences. However, in some cases, big windows are also used to fit the furniture inside. Study the big entry ways which can accommodate big items as these are the most difficult to handle. On the other hand, fragile items should be handled carefully to avoid breakage, and small ones should not be misplaced.

Another thing that you should consider in how to move a collection of furniture is the position of placement itself. You have to make sure that it will compliment the space of the room where it is placed. You should prevent overcrowding of items in one room. Ideally, a room should appear spacious in spite of the furniture lodged in it.

Large furniture collections need to be suitably wrapped and packaged either with blankets, bubble wrap or taping before the move. if you have wooden floors put socks on the bottom of the furniture legs and ask your moving company to be careful throughout the process.

There is an endless list of techniques on how to move a collection of furniture, but they all boil down to two ideas: caution and convenience.

Find a South African moving company who handle furniture removal with care.

furniture removal South Africa