Surviving a Move with Your Teenager

Moving from one house to another is not a walk in the park. Aside from the moving in process that involves transferring of furniture, appliances and other stuff, the coping process to the new environment is the toughest part, especially to young teenagers. It boils down to the question, how to survive a long distance move with your teenager?

Some of the complications that go hand-in-hand with moving house for a teen are:

  • Losing a home or room that was previously a sanctuary
  • Change in their current lifestyle
  • Moving to a new school and pressure to fit in
  • Loosing and trying to make new  friends
  • Missing old friends
  • Adapting to unfamiliar situations and people

There are several general ideas that can answer the question how to survive a long distance move with your teenager. In spite of the fact that not all teenagers are the same, there are some sure ways that can help you out.

The first thing that you should do to help your teenager child is to make them realise the reason why you are moving out. Make him/her realise that you are doing this for his own good and for the sake of the entire family’s welfare. Tell him that you are not doing this just to bring him away from the environment he has learned to love.

You should also make him realise that the place you will be transferring to is a good place. Make him think that your new place is something that is not that much different from your previous home. He should feel that he can still do the stuff he loves to do such as making friends and going around the neighbourhood. Furthermore, you can even make him realise that he can do more stuff in your new place.

  • Talk to them. Communicate the benefits and reasons for the change
  • Find activities that they will enjoy doing in their new location maybe a soccer club they could join or a movie theatre close by
  • Let you teen choose their room and help decorating and unpacking things in a way they are happy with

Moving homes is stressful for anyone and a teenager with insecurities is no exception. The ultimate answer to the question how to survive a long distance move with your teenager is pretty simple; you should make him feel at home.

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