What Do All The Best Moving Companies Have in Common?

What do all the best moving companies have in common? That question is something that all consumers should ask themselves when it comes time to move home or move office. If you find yourself amidst the moving process and needing help with your relocation, then consider the common traits that come alongside with the best in the industry. You’ll find that these will also help you narrow down the search for a competent, fast moving, and affordable company to work with.

Insurance and Licenses

Every company that is in the industry will need to have insurance, licenses, and possibly bonding. If you hire someone that doesn’t advertise this notion, then you can’t really trust them. Don’t confide in any moving company that doesn’t have these in place, because you will be risking your furniture and more.

Free Estimates

If the company you call doesn’t give you an estimate based on your information, then you will be surprised by the bill after you hire them. Ask for an estimate, and you should receive one with relative ease.

Local and Long Distance Options

The best in the moving industry will give you an option of local or long distance moving. Whether you are going a few miles or you are going out of the province, you will want to make sure that you go with a company that has experience doing both.

Online Reputation

When narrowing down the options you have for moving companies, look at online reputation. The best have good reviews across the board on various sites. Websites such as Hello Peter could be a good example of this.

South African Accreditation

In South Africa all good moving companies or furniture removal companies should be registered or part of a movers association. An associations to look out for is: PMA (Professional Movers Association) and AMOSA (Accredited Movers of PMS SA). Furniture removal companies with these badges on their website are part of these organisations and therefore are more likely to provide you with satisfactory service.



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