What should you wear moving house?

Moving is a very physical and dirty activity especially if you are doing it hands on. Some people hire movers and laborers but they also do some of the job like lifting light furniture and placing them inside the new place as well as packing boxes. It is very important to know what to wear when you are moving because it can help you move freely and without hassle. The mover should feel comfortable enough to be able to work properly and sometimes, even avoid accidents.

Jeans are very advisable when moving. Not the tight skinny jeans though because it is hard to move in those things. Wear light jeans so you can move from one place to another without having to worry about your legs. Loose shirts are also advisable when doing this activity because it also allows a person to move at liberty. For the women, make sure that the neck line is not too loose so you do not have to worry about covering your chest upon lifting and bending over. Remember, movers and laborers are usually men. For shoes, it is better to wear rubber shoes or takkies. These are the most comfortable foot wears and protect your feet if something were to fall on you.

It is also advisable to wear gloves especially when lifting heavy or sharp furniture and appliances. Gloves prevent cuts and wounds from lifting. It can also protect the hands from splinters when lifting wood. It does not only protect the handler but also the stuff being handled. There are pieces of furniture or appliances that should not be touched by bare hands because it leaves a mark. Some people are strict about this so it is better to wear gloves.

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