How to Move a Pool Table

Moving large furniture when moving house is difficult – but pool tables are a particularly difficult object to deal with. Moving a pool table can be a tough job because it is huge, heavy and it has a lot screws and bolts involved. Make sure to have someone help you in disassembling the pool table and lifting the parts into the truck. You should also have someone help you in assembling it again at the new place.

So, how to move a pool table? First of all, remove the pockets of the pool table. Make sure to protect your hands and eyes during this process. You are going to be snooping out staples which can shoot your eyes. Keep every part you remove in a container and name it with “pockets” to avoid losing them and getting confused with the other parts. Next to remove are the rails. You can remove this part by unscrewing the bolts with a wrench. You might need someone to help you here because this is quite heavy.

Next step is to remove the felt or the green cover. If you plan on using it again, fold in nicely to prevent wrinkles. If staples hold the felt then ease it out, again take care of your eyes. If it is glued, then carefully remove it without tearing the felt. The next thing to take out is the slate. You can remove the screws of the slate using a power drill. After removing the slate, you can now detach the legs of the pool table and carefully put it inside the truck. Be careful not to scratch the parts especially the legs of the pool table. To assemble the pool table, just do this method in reverse.

If you are uncomfortable disassembling the item move the pool table whole using trollies on wheels and a large moving truck.

For large, expensive furniture items such as pool tables consult a moving company you can trust.

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